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Starting with an ominous march, the music thereafter develops into a flow of original tunes in the Hebridean tradition

Two Tunes Entangled
   Piano solo
   .pdf file 13pp 395kb

  Piano solo
   .pdf file 7pp 209kb

  Piano solo
   .pdf file 10pp 354kb

Fantasia for Flute and Piano
  Piano & flute
   .pdf file 8pp 274kb

Fantasia for Piano
  Piano solo
   .pdf file 6pp 274kb

Fantasia on an Original Theme
   Piano solo
   .pdf file 10pp 255kb

   Piano solo
   pdf file 14pp 174kb

Entangled - extract.MID Transformations - extract .MID Defragmentation - extract.MID Fantasia for flute & piano - extract.MID Fantasia on original theme.MID Fantasia - piano only.MID Continuation.MID

Download the sheet music

Piano album  – all the pieces
(except Continuation)

.pdf file 86pp. 3.89 mb

Download here

Play, or Download .pdf file of sheet music

Original tunes in the Highland tradition

Arranged for piano

Note: these are not recordings but electronically produced from scores

or download the complete set

.pdf file 24pp. 683kb

11 Stones.MID

Stones Amongst the Sand

10 Filling the gap.MID

Filling the Gap

7 Theme.MID


6  Mountain Hare.MID

Mountain Hare

8 Theft of Hills.MID

Theft of the Hills

12 Catriona.MID


5 Cairngorm Lament.MID

Cairngorm Lament

4 Mairi's Song.MID

Mairi’s Song

3 Marion's Song.MID

Marion’s Song

2 Glen Docherty.MID

Glen Docherty, &c, Blocked

Snow on the Ground 2

1 Snow on Ground 1.MID

Snow on the Ground 1

1 Snow on Ground 2.MID

Many of the above pieces have been put together into:

A Scottish Suite

Piano Sonata

Listen here
(Midi file)

or Download the sheet music

.pdf file 27pp 636kb


Plastic on the Wire

The Landscape Song

For landscape professionals everywhere

9 Plastic on the wire.MID