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James HC Fenton

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by James Fenton

The only guide to ice in all its forms: ice sheets, ice-caps, glaciers...

“There is a great value to polar travelers in carrying this booklet with them, and it makes for a good little gift to a student or friend traveling to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.”

Arctic, Antarctic, &
Alpine Research

A5 booklet
20 pages
90 photographs

2nd Edition 2016

£5.50 inc. p&p

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90 features illustrated, Including:

Glaciers, Ice sheets, Ice caps, Ice shelves, Glacial features, Icebergs, Sea ice, Snow features, Moraines, Ice retreat, Rime, Hoar frost, Periglacial features…


Download an illustrated article on my work as a botanist studying Antarctic moss peat     .pdf 1.2mb

Click the links above for photographs of Antarctic vegetation

See also a photogallery of Icebergs

See ‘Writings’ page for three novels set in polar regions

See also my paper:

The rate of peat accumulation in Antarctic moss banks

Journal of Ecology, 1980, Vol.68, No, 1, pp. 211-228