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James HC Fenton

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I have always been interested in landscape, particularly the conservation of wild land


The Continuing Attrition of the  Landscape of the Scottish Highlands, or A Tale of How Wildness is Lost

An illustrated non-judgemental overview
A5 landscape. Download here, .pdf 2.3 mb. July 2015

Is rewilding destroying the remaining naturalness of the Scottish Highlands?

Download .pdf here 780kb

Paper presented to the Wild Thing? Conference, Sheffield, September 2015


The need for a locational strategy

December 2015

Download pdf here


See also:

A Postulated Natural Origin for the Open Landscape of Upland Scotland

See James Fenton’s 2008 paper on Scotland’s upland ecology in Plant Ecology & Diversity

Too Much Woodland?

Presentation format, September 2017

A Vision for the Uplands.

A landscape perspective on The Highlands. A4, 3 pages. August 2016.

My response to the SNH scoping of an Upland Vision

A Future for Moorland was written for The Scottish Gamekeepers Association, whose members are concerned about the lack of prominence given to moorland in most policy documents.